How to build Upwork profile to get instant orders?

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Upwork is a freelance marketplace where you can work as an Upwork freelancer. Among thousands of freelance sites, very few are trustworthy and working. Upwork is also one of the best freelance websites that allows you to sell your services to earn money. We have discussed in detail about Upwork website and its offers. Here you will get guidance to build the Upwork profile that will bring you clients for sure in a very short time. You have to build your trust in Upwork because it is one of the credible and successfully running freelance sites. Here on Upwork marketplace millions of people working and making money online.

Buyers on Upwork always look for a brilliant and experienced freelancer to work for them. Through the profile of freelancers, a buyer can estimate his/her worth and work experience. A profile implies a great effect on the buyer’s perception, thus to have an engaging profile is crucial to get more orders. Among millions of freelancers working on Upwork platform, it is difficult to convince your client that you are worthy and fits well for the job. You need a high-level profile to grab the client’s attention and convince them to select you among those millions of freelancers.

Before building a profile on Upwork website, it is important to select a skill that you are going to offer. To select a category for Upwork the previous article on the web will be helpful. Always select a skill that is on high demand and the one you could do perfectly. Upwork is the best freelance website that accepts professional and perfect work, so do not think to take for granted. Let’s move forward.

Select seller profile and move on

Before jumping into the profile building process, I will let you clear that there are two types of profiles Upwork offer you when you will start work on Upwork. It is necessary to know the right profile for a seller. As you want to work and make money online through Upwork website you will select freelancer profile, basically work profile. The other one “Hire” profile is for buyers.

Link to Social Accounts

The second step is to link your Upwork profile with your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Behance, Google, etc. These links will approve your permission to proceed with profile building and also improve your profile’s security. To make sure your online presence Upwork demands you to link with any of your social accounts with the profile. These social account links will help you to get clients because they found your profile real and approved. Active social accounts enhance your presence in the eyes of clients automatically. You will have to choose those accounts, you are using and then linked with your Upwork profile.

Upwork Profile Picture

Yes, as always I advise you to use high-quality profile pictures that provide a clear image to the client about who you are. As Upwork is a high standard freelance website, thus there you need to work with more accuracy and in a professional way. Use your real picture that centered on your face. Do not afraid to share your real picture because people on the freelance marketplace do not have such concerns. People show privacy concerns and afraid to show their real picture, preferred to use google images. These google images and fake images are not acceptable for buyers because they do not want to face scammers.

Add the title of profile on Upwork website

The next step is to add an attractive, short and easy to understand title on your Upwork profile. This title will represent your skills and shows your willingness towards the job. Like profile picture the title of Upwork profile is also important, often people ignore it. The title of the profile serves as a headline, a client will read at first. Thus the title of your Upwork profile should be catchy and engaging that appeal to the client, and he opens your profile. Do not just right what came into your mind, take time and think for it. Something that has the capability to touch someone’s mind. Because this small line of profile title will decide whether the client will visit your site or not. While writing your profile title make sure the presence of the following qualities;

  • The title should be specific and precise
  • The title should be written in simple language, that must be easy to read
  • Use at least one keyword in your small profile title

Let for example, if you are a writer you can write your profile title “Professional & experienced content writer is available 24/7”.  This title is the best example to write because it shows your skill as well as your efficiency to do work. Always show more to the client because they always prefer to people having more skills and experience.

Add Personal Overview to Upwork profile

This short personal overview is required to tell clients about your education, skills, and experience. Try to add more information in your overview that impresses the client and convince him/her to hire you.

Tip; always add important information like about your skills, experience, and efficiency in starting lines. Because the client could only see two to three lines without opening your profile. These three lines must be accurately written and engaging enough to convince a buyer.

Try pleasing and winsome words to win the project from Upwork a freelance website. At the end of your profile overview write two or three lines about your great communication skills, short delivery time, and quick to understand, etc. the main part of your overview will be how you treat your client based on the experience you acquired. Also write that customers are always your priority and customer’s satisfaction is your reward. Make sure your overview is error-free because it implies an impact on client’s perception about you.

Add Profile Video (Optional)

While building Upwork profile, you will be asked to upload your introduction video. Keep in mind that this is not necessary at all, it is optional. But if you will choose to upload an introduction video, it will help you to increase chances to get noticed by clients and you will get more orders. Also, this introduction video will help to enhance the client’s trust. In this video, you will have to introduce yourself shortly. Make sure the video should not be longer than one minute. The video should explain everything about your work detail, experience and education. Talk in a professional manner and show your consistency about work.

Select your skills on Upwork website

The next step is to list your skills. You have selected your work category already in your mind. Now, it’s time to enlist all the skills and sub-categories that must be ten or less, but not less than five. Make sure, your selected skills are related to the same category. Let, for example, you are a WordPress developer, the main category will be WordPress development and then sub-categories will be CSS+, HTML5, PHP, coding, WordPress designing, etc.

Once you have select skills you will be offered by a skill test, take time to perform the test and make sure full scores in it. High scores increase chances to get orders instantly. Your test results will be shown on your profile that increases the client’s trust. Good grades in skill test make buyers realize that you can perfectly do this job rather than anyone else.

Language Confirmation

In the next step, Upwork will ask you to add your language expertise. You will be preferred if you are a native English speaker. English is a basic language but I suggest you select native English whether you are or not. Also, add a sentence “complete command on the English language”. Buyers on Upwork freelance website are looking for native English speakers to get error-free work. You can also add other languages other than English if you have command over any language.

The official language of Upwork website is English, but buyers also ask for other languages. So, list these all in your Upwork profile. Proficiency in other languages improves your profile’s acceptance. But, if you have not fluent language skills, do not list it at all.

Availability Status

Upwork will ask you how much time you will be available on Upwork website to work. The more time you will spend on the freelance marketplace the more your profile will be noticed by clients. Always select maximum hours that show to your client that you will always be available on Upwork.

What is your experience level?

One of the frequently asked question from every seller is their experience. Buyers and clients on the Upwork profile always look for experienced freelancers. Your experience matters most and it brings much for you. Upwork is asking about your overall experience related to the mentioned skill. There will be three levels, entry-level, intermediate level and expert level. Based on your professionalism and accuracy you have to select an experience level. Keep in mind people with ‘expert’ experience level are mostly preferred. Depending on the number of years, you could consider yourself as intermediate or expert.

List your Education level

Upwork will also ask you about your academic qualifications. To move further your profile, you need to tell your clients about your educational expertise, skills, name of institution and degree. Educational expertise is important to know for everyone. Often clients ask on Upwork about the area of interest, they ask because they want to know whether your educational interests are the same as what you are doing. Be honest while entering your education level and always update this level if you’re studying currently.   

Add your Employment Status

To move further, Upwork freelance website will also ask you to add your employment status. You will have to add your honest employment status in the required section. Employment status will tell clients about your experience, willingness, efficiency, and projects. Employment history also increases chances to get hired by clients. Add everything you have achieved during your employment career. Be specific, do not add many details but use bullet points to specify your achievements and success stories.

This section of your Upwork profile will have to be updated whenever you complete any new project. Add every single experience you have completed to improve your impressions and to inspire profile viewers.

Set up your Portfolio

It will not be wrong to say that portfolio is the heart of your profile. You have to build an impressive portfolio to attach with your Upwork profile. The portfolio is a collection of all great work samples that you have completed in the past. Like other profile elements, the portfolio also has the ability to impress your clients. When you have an impressive and massive collection of past projects, nothing could stop you to earn money online from Upwork freelance marketplace.

Putt together all of your great past projects and create a portfolio. An impressive portfolio makes your profile winning and a priority for buyers. Keep in mind that when you place past projects in your portfolio you will have to take permission from your client to use it. Update your portfolio manually and add the best projects on top. You know well which of your project is best and appreciable. Make categories and folders into your portfolio to best guide your clients. An engaging portfolio will ensure your client that you are best fit for this job.

Set your Price per hour

Upwork is a freelance market place whose price strategy is a bit different from other freelance websites. This freelance website allows you to get paid per hour. You can set your hourly rate and then demand from the client accordingly. If you are a beginner I suggest you select low rates and once you won some projects raise your rates. This is the last step to build a profile on Upwork. Set your hourly rate and you have done. Do not hesitate to consider your worth, add fair rates according to your skill expertise.

Hurrah! Your profile on Upwork freelance market place is ready. Now, stay online as much as you can to get instant orders. Now, you are ready to earn money online from Upwork. Follow this step-to-step guide if you really want to make flawless money from Upwork.

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