Redux Tutorial #1 – React js tutorial – How Redux Works

This Redux tutorial series will show you the schematics of a Redux application. Redux is AWESOME, but it takes a bit to get it setup. There really aren’t a lot of moving parts, but there are a lot of ways that you can configure it – namely – configure the store.

Redux is like Flux in several ways, but it’s different as well. It has these pieces:
– Provider: wraps your application, injecting the store
– Store: one large store that contains the state for your entire application
– Reducers: reducers listen to actions and make changes on the store values. They also cannot mutate the data on the store in any way, but must return a new set of data.
– Actions: pretty much just like flux actions, the only difference is that async can be handled in multiple different ways depending on store “middleware”
– Components: React components can be injected with various pieces of store data. React components also trigger Redux actions. This is what makes it all come together.


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