REACT JS TUTORIAL #6 – React Router & Intro to Single Page Apps with React JS

Let’s start building single page apps with React…this is where it gets fun. We’re going to start with routing – the core of any single page application. As you’ll see, react router makes routing extremely simple. Each route simply gets a component.


React JS #1: Intro & Workspace Setup (Coming Tues, Feb 2@11CST)

React JS #2: Anatomy of a Component (Coming Wed, Feb 3@11CST)

React JS #3: Composing Multiple Components (Coming Thurs, Feb 4@11CST)

React JS #4: State, Props & Data (Coming Fri, Feb 5@11CST)

React JS #5: Events & Data Changes (Coming Mon, Feb 8@11CST)

React JS #6: React Router & Intro to Single Page Apps (Coming Tues, Feb 9@11CST)

React JS #7: React Router Params & Queries


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