REACT FLUX TUTORIAL #9 – React Flux Introduction & Flux Stores

Let’s build a Flux app with React. Flux is a pattern that Facebook created for building consistent, stable web apps with React. React really doesn’t give us a way to manage data, it simple accepts data through props or state. So, when it comes to data, there are many ways you can do it. Flux is a great, proven pattern for building apps with React.


React JS #1: Intro & Workspace Setup (Coming Tues, Feb 2@11CST)

React JS #2: Anatomy of a Component (Coming Wed, Feb 3@11CST)

React JS #3: Composing Multiple Components (Coming Thurs, Feb 4@11CST)

React JS #4: State, Props & Data (Coming Fri, Feb 5@11CST)

React JS #5: Events & Data Changes (Coming Mon, Feb 8@11CST)

React JS #6: React Router & Intro to Single Page Apps (Coming Tues, Feb 9@11CST)

React JS #7: React Router Params & Queries

React JS #8 – React Inline Styles & Component Arrays

React JS Flux #9 – React Flux Tutorial

React JS Flux #10 – Flux Store Events (Coming Mon, Feb 22@11CST)


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