JS Tutorial For Beginners – #2 If Else & Comparison Operators

In this free Javascript tutorial, we’ll cover if, else statements & comparison operators. This is a Free JS Course designed for beginners. These Javascript lessons cover the basics of Javascript and programming basics from the very beginning.

In the last lesson, we covered variables and several Javascript types. Before covering more types, we’ll cover comparison operators and if, else statements.

Comparison Operators Covered in this Video:
(youtube doesn’t allow me to do less-than and greater-than signs, which is really quite silly,
so I have to use LT and GT)
LT Less than
GT Greater than
LT= Less than or equal to
GT= Greater than or equal to
== equal to
!= not equal to

There are also “strict” equality types
=== same value and same type
!== not same value and same type

For example:
“2” == 2 will be true – even though they’re different types, they’re considered equal
“2” === 2 will be false because the second value is a number type, where the first is a string type
You should use the triple === whenever possible, as it’s more specific.


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